Update: 19 August 2011: Progress on Rea Vaya construction



Members of the public are urged to note the lane closures as a result of the Rea Vaya BRT as follows:


Work along New Canada Road, in Pennyville
Traffic Route Diversion Map: Empire Rd and Joubert Str. Ext.

IN Noordgesig, there is construction on Main Road and two lanes are open. Construction is expected to continue until the end of October 2011.

In New Canada, Canada Road has been opened with one lane per directions operating. Motorists must be cautious of the construction vehicles around the New Canada railway station. A Rea Vaya station and pedestrian crossing for the BRT station and railway is also in construction in the area.  Construction in the area is expected to continue until the end of October 2011.

In Industria construction of the two Rea Vaya station modules is complete and both lanes are open on Maraisburg Road and Commando Road intersection.

In Auckland Park, the construction of two Rea Vaya stations is complete but there are yellow jersey barriers placed next to the newly built stations. Construction of the road works is finished and all the lanes are open.

Construction in Milpark opposite the Toyota dealership is also completed and all the lanes are open.

In respect of Parktown, there is one lane open per direction at the Jan Smuts and Empire intersection due to the widening of the roads. A Rea Vaya station at Empire Road opposite the BP garage is under construction and therefore drivers should expect delays. Motorists shouldn’t be alarmed by the yellow jersey barriers along the road; they are meant to demarcate a walking pavement for pedestrians. Construction is expected to be completed by the end of September 2011.

In respect of the inner city, there are two lanes open from Harrison Street and Jeppe Street to President Street. A Rea Vaya station is being constructed on Harrison and Kerk Street next to Bank City, two lanes are open. Traffic lights at the intersection of Harrison Street and Pritchard Street are not operational. Two lanes are open along Rissik Street between Fox and Wolmarans Street opposite Park station. Construction of the Rea Vaya station model on Rissik Street and Kerk Street opposite Woolworths is complete and  two lanes are open. There is construction on Plein Street between Harrison Street and Rissik Street. One lane is open in both directions. Completion of construction in the inner city is expected at the end of December 2011.

Motorists are encouraged not to use the other lane on Rissik Street as a parking bay as this causes traffic congestion.

Along Charlton Terrace, construction is complete but there are jersey barriers along the road as there are road markings being placed.

All the traffic signals will be operational during the construction and motorists are urged to follow the route diversions on site and adhere to the instructions of the marshals at all times.

Issued by the City of Johannesburg and Rea Vaya

Contact persons:
Nthatise Modingoane
Deputy Director
City of Johannesburg
Cel: 082 467 9228