Update: 12 May 2011: New Canada Road

CONSTRUCTION is taking place along New Canada Road, from the intersection of Mooki and Main roads in Soweto to Main Reef road in Riverlea Extension 2.

Closing the lane along Buffalo Road

Work is underway upgrading the Rissik-Harrison streets section of the Rea Vaya Inner City Distribution system.

Work along New Canada Road, in Pennyville
Work along New Canada Road, in Pennyville

INFORMATION given on 12 May 2011.

Scope of works – upgrading, widening of the existing road including dedicated lanes to BRT pavement specification, including upgrading of sidewalks, public lighting and construction of station platforms (three stations along the route).

Extent of works – Section 2 is along New Canada Road extending between Mooki/Main Intersection in Noordgesig/Soweto and Main Reef road in Riverlea Ext.2 – a total of 4.8 kms.

Construction progress – Construction work continues in short sections of 500m-800m length from Buffalo Road to Main Reef Road.  Widening on the southbound side (direction Noordgesig) will be undertaken in half-width with one lane in each direction open for traffic. The widening on the northbound (direction Main Reef Road) directly after the intersection with Buffalo Road is under construction.

Traffic Accommodation – Construction is continuing between Springbok Road and Buffalo Road, under total road closure, and traffic is deviated via Rietbok Road.

Road works will be prioritised on the mixed traffic lane and BRT lanes on the southern of the station platform. Partially re-opening of New Canada Road is expected at the end of May 2011.

Construction is continuing on Soweto Highway between the intersections of Klipspruitvalley Road/N17 and Mooki/Main. These works include the closure of the existing centre lanes for construction of the future BRT lanes. Traffic is shifted to the outside of the existing road surface and there are two lanes for each direction available for normal traffic. Construction vehicles are entering and exiting the central work zone, which may cause disruptions to traffic.

Construction on New Canada Road between Orlando Road and Impala Road south of the N17 Bridge will start beginning of June 2011. It is planned to commence with the proposed widening on the eastern side (next to Noordgesig Township). One lane each direction will be open for traffic.

Construction on Main Road between Soweto Highway and Colin Drive will start by end of May. The proposed widening of the road includes the planned BRT Station and will be constructed in half widths. The bus operations on Main Road will be shifted north of the intersection of Colin Drive/Main Road/New Canada Road. There will be space available to operate the buses in the morning and in the afternoon.