Phase two steaming ahead

01 December 2010

rv_fanalca-topThe Kingsway section at the start of construction.

Work on the second phase of the Rea Vaya rollout, from the western suburbs into Braamfontein and Parktown, is progressing smoothly.


Work on phase 1B is progressing smoothly

CONSTRUCTION of the second phase of the Rea Vaya Bus Rapid Transit is being accelerated so that all construction for Phase 1B which will go from Noordgesig to Parktown will be completed in early 2012. 


From Parktown the Phase 1B route  goes past Metro Centre and links up with the existing Phase 1A route along Market and Commissioner via Rissik and Harrison Street.


The widening and upgrading of the road sections to convert these into BRT lanes will include the following sections in the order of their geographic positioning based on the map:

Section 2

Will see New Canada road between Mooki/Main intersection at Noordgesig and Main Reef/Commando intersection being upgraded and widened. The  construction here is expected to start in February 2011, and finish by December 2011.

Section 3


Empire Road is being widened as part of section 4

Commando Rd, Fuel Rd, Harmony Street, and Portland Road, between the intersection of Main Reef/Commando Rd and the intersection of Portland/Perth Road will also be upgraded and widened. Construction is in progress on this section, and it is expected that construction will finish in February 2010.

Section 5

On this section construction is in progress to upgrade and widen Perth, Kingsway, Stanley and Empire Road between the intersection of Portland/ Perth and the intersection of Jan Smuts/Empire. Construction will finish in 2011.

Section 4

Construction is under way to upgrade and widen the existing Empire road, between Jan Smuts Avenue, and Victoria Avenue, in Parktown, and a section of Joubert Street, from Empire/Victoria Intersection to Joubert/Sam Hancock Intersection and it is anticipated that construction will be completed by the end of August 2011.

Rissik, Harrison and Plein Street upgrades (Johannesburg CBD)

Rissik Street, (from Commissioner Street to Smit Street), and Harrison street (from Commissioner Street to Plein Street), and Plein Street (between Rissik Street and Harrison Street), in the Johannesburg CBD will only be upgraded to include dedicated BRT lanes.

Construction has started, the expected completion date is December 2011.

Construction progress so far includes the challenging work of locating and exposing of services, prior to them being relocated. One of the key services to be relocated is an Egoli gas line on affected routes.

All Rea Vaya related construction projects to date including those mentioned above have been characterised by extensive pre-community participation forums. Communication on construction progress during the construction is also provided to the affected communities on an ongoing basis.

From the construction that will take place in the next year, there is a potential of creating an estimated 1000 jobs from the employment of local labour and contracted subcontractors.


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